Security and Content Control Processes on the Digily Link Platform

Created on 26 February, 2024👉 Updates and Innovations • 270 views • 1 minutes read

Security and Content Control Processes on the Digily Link Platform

At Digily Link, we not only aim to provide superior service to our users but also feel a significant responsibility to ensure a safe and legal online environment. Therefore, every digital link page and shortened link created on our platform is meticulously checked by our team. The purpose is to detect and prevent fraud, pornography, and all other content that violates the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

Our Content Review Process

Our team, based in the beautiful city of Izmir, Turkey, personally reviews each link created on our platform. This process is crucial to ensure the safety of our users and visitors and to maintain a platform that complies with the law. Our checks are conducted to verify the legality of the content uploaded by our users and its compliance with the terms of use of our platform.

Clicks from Izmir Location

Due to this detailed review process, you may notice clicks coming from the Izmir location on your digital link pages and shortened links. These clicks are an indication that our content review team has examined your pages. These clicks should be considered part of our effort to maintain the security and legality of our platform.

Your Security is Our Priority

At Digily Link, ensuring the safety of our users and their content is our utmost priority. Our content review processes not only help maintain this safety but also uphold the quality and reliability of our platform. We appreciate our users' understanding and support of these processes, which help keep Digily Link a safe and legal platform.

When creating a page or shortening a link on the Digily Link platform, please ensure that you comply with the laws of the Republic of Turkey and our platform's terms of use. This is important for your safety and that of other users of our platform.

As the Digily Link family, we will continue our efforts to provide a safer and better service to our valued users. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions.